DMACC Carroll Campus Receives Another Local College Access Network Grant

Posted 7/10/2019

This Grant is in addition to a $20,000 Grant Received in January​

The DMACC Carroll Campus has received a $50,000 Local College Access Network (LCAN)​ planning grant. This is in addition to a $20,000 LCAN grant the College received in January of 2019.  The total $70,000 LCAN grant from Iowa College Aid, is a community initiative to encourage and strengthen collaborative efforts in promoting college completion in the Carroll area.

“We know postsecondary credentials can often be the gateway to a better career,” said DMACC Carroll Campus Provost Dr. Joel Lundstrom.  “High school partnerships have led to great dual-credit opportunities for students yet many of these opportunities are limited to top students who tend to leave the area to earn college credentials. High school graduates who stay in the community often lack college preparedness, financial ability to afford college, or are first-generation college students with less support than their peers.”

Lundstrom said that since the unemployment rate in the county is relatively low (1.5 percent), most people are not seeking an education to enter the workforce.  However, he said a college education would significantly improve their lifetime earnings, working conditions and career advancement opportunities.

Lundstrom said to improve access to a college education, DMACC has expanded its key partners.

“We know we would like to work with Carroll Community Schools, Carroll Kuemper Catholic Schools, East Sac Community Schools, Ar-We-Va Community Schools, Coon Rapids- Bayard Community Schools, Glidden- Ralston Community Schools, IKM- Manning Community Schools, Audubon Community Schools, Exira-EHK Community Schools, South Central Calhoun Community Schools, in addition to DMACC, University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, and Buena Vista University,” said Lundstrom.

“Our LCAN, called Carroll Regional CAN, serves the region of an approximate 30-mile radius around Carroll since Carroll is the employment hub in our area,” said Jen Wollesen, LCAN Coordinator, Carroll Campus Counselor and Director of Student Housing. 

”We were awarded an LCAN grant from Iowa College Aid in January and shortly after they awarded it to us we were informed that they were moving all grant recipients from calendar year awards (us) to fiscal year - this is why we had to reapply and be accepted to continue the grant,” said Wollesen. “The grant awarding process this round was competitive, so we were pleased to be informed that we had been awarded the full $50,000.”

Wollesen said she will serve as the grant coordinator working with a leadership team consisting of school leaders, community leaders and employers.

The planning committee consists of key community leaders from across sectors who are focused on college access and attainment.  They include:

  • Dr. Joel Lundstrom, DMACC Carroll Campus Provost
  • Jen Wollesen, DMACC Counselor
  • Tammie McKenzie, Carroll High School Principal
  • Becky Boes, Carroll High School Instructional Coach
  • Pete Haefs, Kuemper High School Principal
  • Katie Mason, Coon Rapids Community Coordinator
  • Howie Drees, Owner Drees Company
  • Shannon Landauer, Executive Director Carroll Area Development Corporation

Lundstrom said the initial $20,000 planning grant and this $50,000 LCAN grant could continue beyond June 2020.  The entire project could be eligible for up to $300,000 in funding.

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