DMACC International Student Testimonials

Cui Yingzi"I came from China. I like making new friends. I want to improve my English that is why I am at DMACC. I am learning about a new culture here, and meeting new people."

Cui Yingzi, China

Boris Beric"I came to DMACC to learn much about sociology, people around the globe and Iowa. What I like the most is people around the campus that I meet every day. I'm looking forward to this semester."

Boris Beric, Serbia

Harkinder Bhullar"DMACC has a very good transfer system with universities, and the smaller class sizes help to learn things better."

Harkinder Bhullar, India

Jose Belismelis"I am here just to finish up my studies-and I love to study here, it is better than in my country."

Jose Belismelis, El Salvador

Dexter Meninzor"Basically, I chose DMACC because it has low tuition. The faculty is great. Many activities are available for all students and it's a good place to start."

Dexter Meninzor, Federated States of Micronesia