Teacher Work Sample

​​Welcome to the World of Teacher Work Sample at Des Moines Area Community College!

What is a Teacher Work Sample?

Teachers at workThis program is designed for DMACC faculty members - full-time or adjunct, teaching on-line or not - who are interested to improve their teaching practices at any stage of their teaching career. ​​This method allows us to analyze and reflect about our teaching and student learning.

A teacher work sample is a performance-based narrative prepared by a teacher with a focus on increased student learning.

Directed by a guiding prompt created by Renaissance Group institutions, teachers describe the teaching and learning process included in a short unit of instruction.

The Teacher Work Sample provides written evidence that documents the teacher's ability to increase student learning and reflect on the teaching and learning experience for continuous improvement of instruction and achievement.

What's in it for you?

  • Grow professionally and advance your knowledge about teaching and learning
  • Gain an in-depth reflection on your personal teaching style
  • Acquire valuable knowledge and experience using a reflective teaching model
  • Examine, evaluate and discuss factors and processes that contribute to student learning
  • Create a detailed teaching document in your area of specialization
  • Receive an evaluation of your document from experienced professors
  • Receive a professional development certificate
  • Network with colleagues from all 6 campuses
  • Attend a celebration party in the end

DMACC TeachersParticipants attend two TWS Workshops per semester.   

Dr. Anna Conway (DMACC) conducts two interactive workshops each semester that focus on the analysis and reflection of the 7 TWS rubrics that are at the heart of the TWS experience.

Participants will engage in reflective learning activities, share ideas, review adjunct teacher work samples written by their colleagues at DMACC, and begin the process of designing their own teacher work sample.

Both workshops are designed to challenge participants and encourage them to take a deeper look at their teaching practices and student learning.

Expectations of you:

  • Be eager to engage in a new professional development opportunity
  • Participate in both interactive workshops
  • Design one unit/lesson of teaching according to the TWS prompt and rubrics.
  • Implement your unit teaching before the 2nd workshop
  • Be open minded


Please contact Dr. Anna Conway,
Director of Teaching & Learning

Teachers at DMACC