Adjunct Advantage

Adjunct Advantage: Building a Network for Educators was developed to build a cohesive and sustained partnership of DMACC adjuncts and to aid the college in the retention and development of quality instructors. This program provides a means for adjunct instructors to become more acquainted with DMACC policies and procedures and also provides opportunities for instructors to expand teaching techniques in community college instruction.

Adjunct Advantage programs are available to all interested adjuncts throughout the year. At the completion of each program module the adjunct will receive a stipend of $50 per module. The modules will be lead by experts in various fields relating to education. The modules will be two contact hours each, and will be available in the evenings to accommodate the varied schedules of adjunct instructors.

Interested participants should register online for the programs they wish to attend.

Note: Participation in the program is voluntary and in no way confers any rights, privileges, or promises of future employment. All adjunct hiring decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and operate independently of this program.