DMACC Online Career Academy

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Business Administration
BUS102-Introduction to Business
FIN121-Personal Finance

Business Entrepreneurship

BUS148-Small Business Management



Business Operations

Business Computer Applications
BCA212-Introduction to Computer Business Applications

Health Occupations

HSC120-Medical Terminology I
HSC 121 - Medical Terminology II

Liberal Arts- English

ENG105-Composition I
ENG106 - Composition II
LIT101-Introduction to Literature

Liberal Arts- Math

MAT141-Finite Math

Liberal Arts- Social Studies

HIS112-Western Civilazations-Ancient toEarly Modern
HIS113-Western Civilazations-EarlyModern to Present
HIS150-US History to 1877
HIS153-US History 1877- present
PSY111-Introduction to Psychology
SOC110-Introduction to Sociology

DMACC Online Career Academy Guidelines

The Program
DMACC will be offering concurrent enrollment courses online beginning the fall of 2009. This will be a presentation on the delivery of Governor Chet Culver's Senior Year Plus program to high schools served by Des Moines Area Community College.

Student Registration Guidelines
Juniors may register for one online course per semester. Seniors may register for two online courses per semester. Students will be required to have a 3.5 grade point average or 21 ACT composite score to enroll in Arts and Science courses.

DMACC District Partnerships
The individual school will select the appropriate Academies for instruction to their students. The schools will provide an appropriate work station for the student. At least one period per day will be reserved foe each online course. The school will provide an online coach for their students. DMACC will provide the instructor, textbook and associated classroom materials, and the learning management system. DMACC will also provide Academic Advisors to help support students and faculty in the online environment.