Math & Science

How to write accessible math and science equations

How to use MathType

For Macs:

For Windows:

If you had the MathType Toolbar/Tab in Microsoft Word and it disappeared, follow the instructions on the MathType Support page.

Math player

How to create a readable exam 

On your computer, click Start.

Go to: >All programs >DMACC packages >Ankeny >Mathematics >MathType 5

Math Editor in Blackboard

Blackboard's content editor comes equipped with WIRIS's math editor, known as MathType, so you can add accessible equations directly into Blackboard content. To launch the math editor, click on the MathType button in the Blackboard content editor. The icon looks like a square root:Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 1.07.21 PM.png. You may need to click on the three dots icon first to reveal all buttons in the content editor. For more information, see Blackboard's Math Editor help page.