Work Requests

​The Physical Plant office staff acts as a clearinghouse for the transmission of the colleges needs to the various maintenance areas of the Physical Plant.

Please route all requests for service to the Physical Plant office.

A Physical Plant Secretary can determine the nature of your request and take appropriate action. Phone numbers 964-6253 or 964-6259. Calls are given a priority based upon their effect on life safety and the disruption of academic study.

We encourage faculty and staff to request service by emailing Please include building number, room number if applicable, and a short detail description of the problem. Unless there is an emergency, please do not call the Mechanical/Electrical, Grounds, Custodial, Carpentry/Painting/Locksmith departments or staff members directly.

Work requested at the Boone, Carroll, Newton, Urban and West Campuses should be directed initially to the Head Custodian or Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. These staff will contact the Ankeny Physical Plant if our assistance in completing your request is needed.

Physical Plant Services

What building components and equipment will the Physical Plant repair?

Physical Plant staff will repair building components that were originally furnished and/or built with the initial construction, or was added later as part of an approved capital expenditure. Physical Plant staff will repair equipment if it was installed with the building and if it would stay with the building in the event that the using department moved. The Physical Plant will attempt to repair, or assist in repair some instructional equipment such as welders, autoclaves, distillers, mills etc. The department will be charged for the repair cost and the Physical Plant will need an account index before proceeding. Please call Physical Plant as to the possibility of repair.

Items the Physical Plant will not repair?

The Physical plant is not staffed, equipped, funded and/or authorized to purchase or repair the following

  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Furniture - desks, chairs, files (see special note in Building Maintenance section)
  • Personal equipment brought into work
  • Educational equipment not part of the building
  • Corrective Maintenance

Most corrective maintenance is requested by the user of the facility to solve an immediate problem. A work request directed to the Physical Plant will be classified and handled as one of the following:

Emergency Service Requests

A Physical Plant worker will respond immediately to resolve any problem which threatens life safety. Examples of emergency situations are:

  • major electrical power failures
  • water main breaks
  • smell of gas or smoke
  • extreme heat or cold conditions

Urgent Service Requests

Prompt attention will be given to such problems as the following:

  • Roof or pipe leaks
  • Broken windows or other security problems
  • Elevators out of service
  • Defective electrical fixtures or localized power outages
  • Heating/air conditioning problems
  • Plumbing problems such as clogged drains or overflowing stools.

Routine Service Requests

A work order will be issued for the scheduling of routine/non-emergency situations of the following types:

  • Wall patching
  • Room painting
  • Replacing damaged ceiling or floor tiles
  • Repairing leaky faucets
  • Hanging pictures
  • Replacing light bulbs

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is the scheduled work performed on the mechanical, electrical and structural portions of our facilities. This work is performed on a systematic basis to maintain the integrity and reliability of these components. Our P.M. program includes daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually scheduled services.


The Physical Plant develops a ten year plan to upgrade facilities due to normal wear and tear. These include new roofs, parking lots, road and sidewalk repairs, interior and exterior painting, carpet and floor replacement, as well as utility upgrades such as boilers, chillers, transformers, power line, etc.

Special requests for remodeling of specific areas not included in the plan are required to be submitted due the annual budget process for review and special funding. Special requests for painting, re carpeting that are not on the 10 year plan are reviewed on an individual basis for need and available funding. Generally carpet and paint subjected to abnormally high wear and tear will be funded through the Physical Plant, however requests not associated with extreme wear and tear or requested for aesthetic needs will require the department to provide funding.

View Remodeling Requests Procedure

Mechanical/Electrical Maintenance

Mechanical/Electrical components of our buildings include environmental controls, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, energy management, fire systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, elevators, clock systems and plumbing and piping. This department also maintains utility systems that provide the distribution of domestic water, heating and cooling water, electricity, sewer, natural gas and compressed air to the building.

Building temperatures are set for 72 degrees in the winter and 74 degrees in the summer, plus or minus 2 degrees. These set points allow for the comfort of most people as well as allowing for energy efficiency. Temperatures will only be adjusted if they fall outside these parameters during normal working hours.

Building Maintenance:

Carpentry, Herman Miller furniture and walls, painting, flooring, roofing, locks and signage.

The Physical Plant does not employ a fulltime carpet layer. Work requests of this nature are completed by hiring private contractors. Private contractors are also hired to do most of the larger carpentry and painting work that is requested. Flooring replacement, mostly carpet, is done by competent outside contractors, hired by the Physical Plant to install approved carpet from bids.

Small Herman Miller adjustments and repairs are completed by the Physical Plant staff, for larger projects requiring purchasing and redesign of existing furniture, we recommend contacting Nate Bierman, with Bierman Furniture, at 515-314-0456 or OSE has the state contract to provide refurbished components as well as design and installation of Herman Miller office furniture. Since the state price is 70% off list price , design time, when required, is an extra charge of $45/hour. To purchase office equipment other than Herman Miller, please contact the Purchasing Department

The Physical Plant will attempt emergency roof repair, however due to the unique equipment and certified training required for warrantees, roof leaks are repaired by outside contractors hired by the Physical Plant.

Lock Changes/Key Requests:

All locks and door hardware are maintained by the Locksmith. The college utilizes both traditional mechanical locks and electronic locks with access provided by magnetic cards. Requests for keys or magnetic card access should be sent to the Physical Plant on a Key Assignment Card and must contain all pertinent information and authorization. Keys and cards must be picked up from the Physical Plant. They will not be sent through the mail.

Signs are made by the Locksmith or purchased from private contractors. Every effort is made to provide consistency in the appearance of signage throughout the college.

View Lock and Key Procedure

Grounds Maintenance:

The Grounds employee's area of responsibility encompasses nearly everything outside of DMACC'S buildings. The duties performed by this crew are diverse. They include, but are not limited to, the mowing and trimming of over 150 acres of turf, trimming trees, planting and maintaining flower beds, removing snow and ice from walkways. Applications of fertilizer and weed control are performed by Grounds Specialists. The maintenance and repair of 60 pieces of grounds equipment are done by the department. Over 90% of the Grounds Maintenance work orders are initiated by the Grounds personnel themselves. The Horticulture Department is very helpful in assisting us with flower beds around the Ankeny and Urban Campus.


It is the Transportation Services responsibility to assist departments with office moves. They will also help with the rearrangement of furniture. Reasonable amount of boxes and tape will be provided , in advance of the move, by the transportation department. These boxes should be emptied as soon as possible and notify transportation to pickup for reuse. They are also responsible for moving surplus items to storage and then to auction.

Central Receiving is responsible for their own deliveries, with help from the Physical Plant on an as needed basis.

Snow removal

Every effort is made to clear roads, sidewalks and parking lots of snow and ice prior to the opening of school. If a decision is made to close school, this information will be broadcast on local radio and TV stations, or by calling 964-6200 and listening to the recording. Concerns about slippery conditions should be called into X6253 on Ankeny or the campus Head Custodian and the concern will be addressed on a safety priority basis.