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Current Projects


The new 16,000 sq.ft. 2-story building is being built at 1011 Second Street in Perry. This expansion will include the following programs and spaces:

  • Project Lead The Way
  • Culinary Arts
  • Computer Technologies Lab
  • Automotive Lab
  • Building Trades
  • Welding
  • Criminal Justice
  • Teacher Education
  • Health Sciences
  • General Classrooms

DMACC has partnered with the Perry Economic Development Committee, which has received a $1.55 million I-Jobs grant toward the total project budget of $3.6 million.

Ryan Companies started construction on-site in August of 2010, and is scheduled to complete the building in time for fall classes, 2011. OPN Architects and KJWW Engineering are also contracted for the project.

  • Location Map
  • View elevation renderings below (click to enlarge):
DMACC Perry Building 1 image

DMACC Perry Building 2 image
DMACC Perry Building 3 image

DMACC Perry Building 4 image
DMACC Perry Building 5 image  


DMACC has been working with the Office of Energy Independence and the City of Ankeny to receive over a million dollars in grants for energy efficiency and energy improvement projects. DMACC has also been working with the local utility companies to receive $200,000 in utility rebates for upcoming projects. DMACC has committed to a total of $2,687,170 worth of energy projects currently scheduled to be completed before December 31st, 2011.

Some of the projects planned include:

  • Upgrade to high efficiency lighting
  • Install over 1700 new occupancy sensors for lights and HVAC control
  • De-lamp over lit rooms
  • Adjust day time space temperature set points
  • Geothermal and high efficiency heating and cooling
  • Install more variable frequency drives
  • High efficiency motors, pumps, vans, boilers, chillers
  • Computer power management
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Vending Machine misers
  • Utilize more day-lighting
  • Enthalpy controls
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Retro-commissioning HVAC systems
  • New roof top units
  • LED and high efficiency parking lot lights
  • Utility tracking software
  • Wind Turbine

View DMACC's "Energy Conservation" presentation (pdf) given to the Board on
August 9, 2010.


DMACC has received a $131,500 from the State Energy Program to construct a Wind Turbine on the Ankeny Campus. Total project cost is estimated at $263,500 and is scheduled to be completed by December 31, 2010.

DMACC has partnered with the Iowa Energy Center, housed near the proposed wind turbine site in Building 23. They will provide data acquisition equipment to monitor the energy performance.

The proposed wind turbine will be at least 50KW and will provide a minimum of 129,062 kWh of energy.

The wind turbine will also be utilized for DMACC's Wind Energy and Turbine Technician program, and by DMACC's Continuing Education Department. Students will gain direct experience with wind power generation and transmission, data acquisition and assessment, and mechanical system applications.

View the Ankeny wind turbine site plan from October, 2010.