Water Environmental Technology

DMACC’s Water Environmental Technology (WET) programs offer career paths for water professionals to obtain and retain their professional certifications. Both credit and continuing education non-credit programs required for certification and re-certification are offered.

WET programs include:

  • 30-Hour Basic Water Treatment
  • 30-Hour Wastewater Treatment
  • 30-Hour Distribution Treatment
  • Grade A Certification Workshop
  • 5 and 10-Hour Lagoons Training

Visit our website at www.waterandwastewateroperatortraining.com for more information.

Onsite Wastewater Training Center of Iowa

The Onsite Wastewater Training Center of Iowa provides on-site industry training for county environmental health specialists, septic system installers, Time of Transfer Inspectors, pumper and design professionals. Training is provided at DMACC’s campus in Ankeny, as well as various other locations around the state.

Wastewater programs include:

  • Basics of Onsite 101
  • Time of Transfer Inspector Training
  • Hands-on construction plan requirements
  • Basic Soils Course
  • Alternative Systems Course

Visit our website at www.wastewatertraining.com for more information.