What Our Clients Say

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"Our dock manager went on Wed. Loved the class (LEAN 101) and thanked me for sending him. As you know, that does not happen much. He immediately changed his floor and began talking to his guys about how they could be more efficient on the dock. He was so excited. He came to my office and asked me to come out to see his changes. So, we want to send our 4 Seasons Funding Raising Warehouse Manager. Man, DMACC is doing a great job for our company. Thanks."
Dennis Horrigan, Human Resources Manager, Capital City Fruit, Inc.

"DMACC Business Resources trained all our staff on the basics of workplacelean®. We view workplacelean® as one of the most important strategic initiatives in our company and it is the foundation for how we will operate this business for years to come. The A3 tool is widely used by our staff and has become a very important part of our problem solving process. Our customers applaud the improved operational focus and customer service response that are a direct result of our implementation of the workplacelean® program with DMACC."
Steven Smith, President of GCommerce

"DMACC has been a key to Accumold's recent growth, as well as a key to our future success. Accumold needs many high-caliber employees with technical and mechanical skills. DMACC has assisted us, not only with training needs for our current employees through the Iowa Jobs Training programs, but also by partnering with us to create the Accumold Scholars program, which will provide us quality employees into the future."
Steve Boal, CFO, Accumold, Ankeny

"DMACC Business Resources (DBR) provided our company with training in several areas. DMACC professionals came to our facility and trained supervisors on Leading Change, Managing Performance Problems and Setting Performance Expectations. DBR also provided harassment training for all employees. We were extremely satisfied with the quality of the programs and will continue to work with them in the future."
Barbara Quandt, West Central Cooperative

"One of our plant's ongoing problems is finding and training skilled machinists. Utilizing a DBR trainer, Sauer-Danfoss has built an excellent training program. The trainer consulted extensively with our Machinist Training Committee to develop a custom program that quickly trains machinists to the skill level we demand. I commend DBR on its top-notch trainers and outstanding customer service."
Tim Hill, AMS Machining Team Leader, Sauer-Danfoss Corporation

"The Lean training and assistance Syngenta has received through DMACC has encouraged information sharing within and across seed production sites and functions as we look at the elements of our value stream. The importance of defining our business objectives and establishing baselines for measurement of those objectives repeatedly comes to the forefront of discussions in our Lean training sessions. As hard as it is to fully diffuse lean principles across our seed production systems, we are making notable progress in lean thinking and idea sharing thanks to the efforts of DMACC and its lean trainers."
Rhonda Birchmier, LEAN Program Manager

"Iowa Waste Exchange helped with a plan that helped us divert over 25,500 pounds of waste through the first three quarters of the year. The program is working great! I appreciate all your help. DMACC is where this got started and your group deserves some of the credit."
Kevin Derr, Plant Manager, DSM Nutrition Products, Ames, Iowa

"For the past 13 years I have had the pleasure and benefit to work with a number of Iowa Waste Exchange consultants on joint waste diversion projects. As an Account Manager for a large multi-material recycling company, and most recently as General Manager of a construction and demolition recycling company, the networking support and problem solving skills provided by the Iowa Waste Exchange have been greatly appreciated and valued by both myself and literally hundreds of Iowa-based manufacturers and commercial operations."

"Of all the resources in Iowa, the Iowa Waste Exchange is #1 in helping business and industry solve their waste diversion challenges."

David Klockau, General Manager, Environmental Reclamation and Recycling, Des Moines, Iowa