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Ankeny Campus

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 Sheila Aukes

Sheila Aukes, M.S.W., LISW

Building 1

​Education: Master of Social Work, University of Saint Thomas

Areas of Interest:  Anxiety, depression, relationships, and grief and loss issues.  Career counseling and time management.  Also works with veterans’ concerns.
Why Counseling? Life doesn’t stop when you are in college.  Issues can impact your ability to be successful at DMACC.  Talking with a counselor can offer support while you navigate life’s challenges and obstacles.

 George Clark

George Clark, M.A., LMHC

Building 1

​Education: Master of Arts in School Counseling, University of Northern Iowa

Areas of Interest:  I’m excited about working with students on any topic of concern, but particularly interested in the areas of stress/time management, loneliness, relationships, authenticity, daily rituals, and personal responsibility.

Why Counseling? Because our emotional and mental health dramatically impact our overall well-being.  If we ignore our mental health or simply don’t make it a priority, our physical health, relational health, financial health, and career health suffers.  I love helping my clients prioritize their emotional well-being and feel privileged to be let into their lives.  If I do my job well, my clients feel validated, supported, challenged and encouraged. 

 Mary McClure

Mary McClure, M.S., LMSW

Building 1

​Education: Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, Iowa State University

Areas of Interest: Stress and anxiety management, coping with change and improving relationships.

Why Counseling? Young adulthood is a time for many changes.  These changes and decisions can be exciting or stressful and sometimes both at the same time.  Navigating these changes and coping with the stress they may bring is incredibly important and counseling can help. 

 Landi Smith

Landi Smith, M.S.W., LISW

Building 1

​Education: Master of Social Work, Arizona State University

Areas of Interest:  Depression, trauma, relationships, self-esteem, boundaries, life transitions including college, pregnancy, birth and parenting, and migration/immigration, grief and loss, intercultural challenges. Proficient in oral and written Spanish.

Why Counseling? I believe no one is meant to navigate this life alone and that there is such strength in seeking and receiving support. I chose counseling because I love people and their stories, walking beside my clients, and the sacred, healing space that is created when mutual trust, respect and goodwill are shared. I believe that every individual has all that they need inside themselves, but that we all need connection and support to unlock our full potential. I want to help you succeed at DMACC and in life!

 Thomas Tweedy

Thomas Tweedy, M.Ed.

Building 1

​Education: Master of Education in School Counseling, Abilene Christian University

Areas of Interest: Procrastination, time management, career counseling, stress management & anxiety. 

Why Counseling? Transitioning to college can be both exciting and stressful, with many challenges throughout.  Navigating these challenges can be difficult for many, and counseling can be a valuable tool for students to utilize to help them overcome and manage these challenges.   

 Michelle Vaccaro

Michelle Vaccaro, M.S.Ed.

Building 1

​Education: Master of Education, School Counseling,  The College of St. Rose

Areas of Interest:  Relationship issues, life cycle and developmental crises, depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, and career indecision.

Why Counseling?  College is a time of learning, about our academics, career choices and also ourselves.  Finding support as we cope with life challenges and adversity and learning new communications strategies can better our relationships and overall wellness.

Boone Campus

 Rita Davenport

Rita Davenport


Carroll Campus

 Kristina Whitver-Soyer

Kristina Whitver-Soyer


Newton Campus

 Kara Dirksen

Kara Dirksen


Urban/Des Moines Campus

West Des Moines Campus

 Lindsey Hays

Lindsey Hays

Room 214W