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Two additional brochures are available through the following link that share information specific to COVID-19 resources and helpful suggestions regarding self-care:

EAP COVID-19 Self Care

EAP COVID-19 Resources


DMACC can provide resources for setting up your remote workspace.

  • Talk to your Supervisor about specific equipment and software needs.
  • List of internet providers by zip code. Some providers are offering specials during this time.
  • Employees should have access to Blackboard, myDMACC, Outlook, OneDrive, and Web Info System with an internet connection. Those with DMACC laptops can access Banner and network drives with the VPN.  Access to specialty software, Banner or network drives from a personal computer should go through MyLab
  • ​To receive an email when a phone message is left on your office phone: Please submit a request to Tech Support for unified messaging of your DMACC office number. Please provide your name and office phone number. Once the required permissions are established and activated, a test call is usually placed to confirm it is working properly.
  • To forward your office phone to your cell or home phone: Email Rich Banker for assistance. Please provide your name, DMACC office number, and the (10-digit) phone number that calls should be forwarded.
  • To access your office phone menu remotely:
    • Dial your own office number and wait for your greeting to begin playing.
    • Once your greeting starts, press the * key and the system will ask you for an ID number. Enter your 5 digit extension (ie: 56200) and press the # button.
    • The system will now ask for your PIN.  Enter the PIN for your voicemail and press the # button.
    • You can now follow the prompts to change settings, greetings, or hear your voice messages.
If you have further questions, need more information, training, or support, please visit the DMACC IT Help Desk webpage or contact Techsupport@dmacc.edu or Ask a Question.​

Microsoft Teams / Video Conferencing:

Logging into Office 365 - Teams

How to Use Video Conferencing

Best Practices for Video Conferencing