Carroll Nursing

When employers see DMACC Nursing on your resume, they'll instantly know you've received exceptional education and experience from one of the top nursing schools in Iowa.


  • Nationally Accredited Education — DMACC's nursing program is one of only four in Iowa accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) for the Associate Degree. 
  • Affordable Tuition, Special Financial Aid — DMACC offers the lowest tuition of any college or university in Iowa and offers many financial aid options, including some exclusively for nursing students. 
  • Top Faculty and Facilities, Individual Attention —Exceptional faculty with professional nursing experience, small class sizes, excellent facilities and high-tech simulators.
  • Excellent relationships with area healthcare providers — St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home in Carroll and many others provide students with outstanding clinical experiences.
  • High State Board Pass Rates —93% of DMACC nursing graduates pass their NCLEX exams (state boards) on the first attempt.
  • Gateway to a BSN — Nurses who earn their two-year associate's degree from DMACC Carroll Campus can seamlessly transfer to the University of Iowa or another four-year college or university and finished their four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. 

New RN to BSN 3+1 Partnership 

DMACC and the University of Iowa have entered into a new agreement to allow DMACC Nursing graduates to seamlessly finish their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from the University of Iowa in one year.

Nursing students can stay at DMACC for three years and then complete their BSN degree in only one year through the University of Iowa’s online program. DMACC Nursing graduates who are working can also come back to DMACC, take an additional year and then transfer to the University of Iowa for their final year to complete their BSN.

DMACC Nursing students who have at least a 3.0 grade point average (G.P.A.), have successfully completed their DMACC nursing requirements and are on the BSN nursing track will automatically be accepted into the University of Iowa’s BSN program, where they can complete their final year of studies. Others can be admitted based on their application.

Because the UI classwork is online, the agreement allows DMACC graduates to work in central Iowa while studying for their University of Iowa degree.

DMACC and University of Iowa Nursing graduates are in high demand in Iowa and across the nation, partly due to retirements and aging Baby Boomers, who need greater access to health care. More than one-fifth of Iowa’s nursing workforce is eligible to retire right now.


See what our graduates are saying about the DMACC Carroll Nursing Program:

"When I started the DMACC nursing program my goal was to become an RN. DMACC helped me become a better student and positioned me for success in my field of nursing. The DMACC nursing faculty also opened my eyes to achieving higher goals and becoming a capable professional.  I recently received a promotion and will be starting my master’s degree this fall. I’m glad I graduated from DMACC!”
Kara Wellington, RN
2013 DMACC Graduate
Nurse Manager Loring Hospital Sac City 

“The DMACC Nursing program is the foundation my nursing career is built on. The instructors pushed me to reach my full potential, which helped me transition smoothly into the role of an ICU nurse. DMACC’s Nursing program also prepared me to be successful in attaining my Bachelor’s in Nursing after completing the ADN program. I am currently enrolled in the Master’s Nursing program and enjoy my daily role as a nurse. Thanks to the DMACC Nursing program for helping me achieve my dream.”

Sonya Dunn, RN, BSN
2013 DMACC Graduate
Transitional Health Coach
Stewart Memorial Hospital
Lake City, IA
“DMACC provided me with a great foundation for my nursing career. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and bring a wide variety of nursing experience. I chose DMACC for my nursing education because it has a high NCLEX (state board) pass rate, small classes and is very affordable. I highly recommend DMACC for anyone considering a career in nursing.”
Cory Thompson, RN
2013 DMACC Graduate
ER Nurse

St. Anthony Regional Hospital
Carroll, IA

See what employers are saying about our DMACC Carroll Nursing Program graduates:

“I have worked with DMACC’s nursing program as an employer and clinical site for 12 years. The [DMACC] instructors are dedicated to ensuring the students have an excellent clinical experience that prepares them for employment. Graduates of the program are well ready to face the challenging healthcare environment. The [DMACC] program focuses on critical thinking and decision making skills that are required for today’s healthcare professionals. The standards of behavior and professional expectations are held in high regard with the [DMACC] instructors as well as their students. I support hiring the graduates of DMACC as they are well prepared clinicians.”
Linn Block RN, BSN, MHA
Chief Nursing Officer
Manning Regional Healthcare Center

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