Annual Report

Locations: Campuses: Ankeny, Boone, Carroll, Newton, Urban/Des Moines, West Des Moines. Learning Centers: Ames, Capitol, Perry, Southridge, Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families, Transportation Institute
200 Degrees, Programs Certificates
 Employees: 2,540 all employees, 1,000 faculty, 326 student work-study
96% are Iowa Residents. Larges population of diversity 2,861 Hispanic/Latino Students

Online Enrollment 13,412 Students, 1,560 Online classes
TSA: 1,000 TSA Officers in 50 states are enrolled in DMACC classes

Campus with the youngest average age: Carroll: Avg. Age 21; Campus with the oldest average ages: Urban Avg. Age 26
Top 5 Courses (by attendance). 1. English; 2. Math; 3. Psychology; 4. Biology; 5. History

Top 6 Majors 1. Liberal Arts & Sciences; 2. Health Sciences/Nursing; 3. Criminal Justice; 4. Advanced Mfg/Welding; 5. Computer/IT; 6. Business

16,407 High school students enrolled in DMACC classes. 46 High School seniors graduated with their DMACC AA Degree.

Students from 95 countries represented, 6 Continents 

DMACC Facilities, 62 Buildings, 2,300,000 sq. ft 

Total Students (FY 2019) 65,959 students from 99 Counties; Students (Credit): 35,938 Credit Students; 431,156 Credits being taken. 19,477 Female, 16, 461 Male. 222 55 yers old +, 237 international students

Students (noncredit): 29,021. Top 6 noncredit programs: 2,413 Adult Basic Education (ABE); 3,429 Emergency Medical Services (EMS)/Fire Science; 1,457 English Language Learner; 1,360 Civil Engineering Technology; 1,755 School Bus Driver Certification; 6,249 Health Sciences

 26 Programs. Fully Accredited. More than any other college in Iowa


Student-to-Faculyt Ratio: 19:1 


DART. DMACC signs a new contract with DART on August 1. DMACC Students ride free. To date: 678 DMACC Students; 152 faculty/staff, 25,411 rides 

2019 Student Survey: 88% Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Academic Advising. 86% Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Financial Aid. 91% Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Academic Achievement Center (tutoring). 86% Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Quality Instruction. 79% Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Instruction Availability. 84% Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Course Variety.

DMACc Foundation Awarded a record $1.1 million in scholarships, more than 1,688 students, raised $458,891 for student scholarships at the 12th annual DMACC Ceo Golf Inviatational 

Newest Scholarships: Denny Bernholz Building Safety, Joan Dorrell Memorial, Troy Feldpouch Memorial, Nancy Heimbaugh Memorial, Dennis J. Herrema Memorial, Harlan Giese Memorial, Fran & Rich Henderson, Wayn Martin Hull Memorial Telecommunications Scholarship Endowment, Sylvia C. Johnson, Jason B. Roberts Memorial, Luhrs Family, Information Systems Security Association- Des Moines Chapter Cybersecurity, Thomas E. and Dr. Lyla S Maynard, Jaye McKinnon Memorial, Microsoft Data Center Certification, Rural Forge, Dawn and Joel Thys, Elizabeth Jean Wagner 

#6 in the Nation - DMACC Online Business Degree, Best Associates Degree in Business Administration, 2020 

Board of Trustess, Chair, Joe Pugel; Vice Chair, Kevin Halterman; Fred Buie, Cheryl Langston, Fred Greiner, Madelyn Tursi, Felix Gallagher, Jim Knott, Dennis Presnall 

Graduates: 95% of DMACC Graduates live/work in Iowa. 98% of DMACC graduates were employed, engage in military service or continuing their education.

Average Starting Salaires of Some In-Demand Careers: $40,000 Agribusiness graduates; $55,900 MIS graduates; $37,850 Accounting Professionals; $45,850 Paralegals; $42,250 Liberal Arts (AS) graduates; $42,440 Nursing graduates; $45,122 Tool & Die/Advanced Mfg. graduates; $36,941 all DMACC graduates. 

DMACC Received 38 grants in 2019 totalling $5.74 million. Facebook Grants to DMACC: $97,000 for new digital classroom, $56,000 scholarships for digital marketing students. Total: $241,000
DMACC Helping Businesses. DBR (FY 2019). $499,156 Private Company match value. 4,400+Number of Iowa workers trained. $1,779,334 Gross revenue from all training events. 24,176 Total number of New Jobs. 34 projects under the Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260F) for current employees. 22 projects under the Workforce Training and Economic Development (WTED) program to train unemployed and underemployed Iowans for high-demand occupations. 237 Projects under the Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260E) for current employees. Workforce Training Academy Milestones: 329 enrolled in training, 83% completed training, 79% found employment after training.
Workforce Training and Economic Development (WTED) 276 Scholarships Awarded.


Renunes: Tuition & Fees: $59,312,459; State Support: $34,479,977, Local: $48,783,141; Federal: $410,223; Other: $3,466,922; Transfers (net): $1,201,797. Expenses: Instructors: $58,196,210; Academic Support: $14,173.995; Student Services: $11,509,133; Institutional Support: $15,350,481; Operation & Maintenance: $8,908,642. Total: $108,138,461