DMACC Offers the Lowest Tuition and Fees in Iowa

DMACC is taking the higher cost out of higher education.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Don't get locked into a lifetime of student debt!

Student debt has reached the one trillion dollar mark, surpassing all of the collective consumer debt in the nation. In Iowa alone, graduates owe an average of more than​ $30,000 in student loans. That's more than THREE TIMES the entire cost of a two-year degree at DMACC, which also has no application, registration or graduation fees. It makes DMACC an EXCEPTIONAL value! So make a smart investment in yourself this fall by enrolling in DMACC.



The DMACC Difference

Why choose DMACC for your education?

  • Transferability to State and Private Schools
  • Class size and Instructor Contact
    1. 30 student class size vs. 300 student class size
    2. Professors have real-life experience in the industry and are focused on teaching, not research
  • Flexibility in scheduling, campus locations and delivery
  • Cost Savings
    As of 2015-16, completing your first two years at DMACC would save you an average of $8,340 compared to a four-year public school, and $52,149 compared to a private college. Save even more by living in an apartment or at home!

Tuition Comparison 

 Source: July 2017-18 Iowa College Student Aid Commission

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Tuition Savings Calculator

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Source: Iow​​a College Student Aid Commission